Get to know coconut water

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Get to know coconut water

Coconut water is a product of the coconut tree. in the liquid phase Contained in coconuts or simply call. Contains 94% water and has a sweet taste. It has a unique scent. It is a well-known drink. and has been a popular drink for a long time

We are accustomed to drinking and eat coconut products very well Because our home is in the group of tropical countries. that can grow coconuts well In addition, the coconuts that are obtained are of good quality and delicious in taste. Coconuts have therefore become part of one of the important food cultures of our country as well.

Coconut water also has many benefits, containing vitamins and minerals, especially mineral salts (electrolytes) and potassium. which helps in balancing the body’s energy use That is lost while exercising. In addition, coconut water is a drink that provides little energy. Low glycemic index, low fat and no cholesterol. Therefore it is a good alternative drink. For people who exercise and control weight.

Why does it have to young?

“Coconut water” is call from every corner of the world. “Water of life” because from many medical research studies it has been shown that is effective in medically treating many diseases.

young Therefore, it is classified ufabet as a healthy drink with nutritional value from tree. It is a natural isotonic drink. that has a composition most similar to our blood plasma.

for nutrients is more or less? It depends on the age of the coconut, the amount of nutrients in the soil. and growing environment.

Coconut water, natural energy drink

One benefit that is often talk about When thinking is a drink. That helps compensate for energy after exercise. or when losing a lot of sweat It is a drink that contains natural mineral salts. (Electrolytes) contain sugar. That the body can digest. and quickly absorbed and used as energy Therefore, it helps to make the body refreshed. Relieve fatigue and exhaustion.

In addition, in real coconut water There is also potassium which is a natural element. and potassium Helps in the functioning of the nervous system. muscle work and helps in adjusting blood pressure appropriately