Hairstyles for girls with round faces Change chubby cheeks to look slimmer easily.

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Cut your hair short and have a round face! Which girls are worried about this. Today we have short hairstyles for girls with round faces. Let’s introduce it! Anyone who has a round face and has cheeks and feels like they can’t cut their hair short. Because short hair will make your face look rounder than before. Let me tell you, that’s not always the case. Because some short hair styles make our faces look smaller than before.

Hairstyles the latest short hair trends with styles that are especially suitable for girls with round faces.

short curly hair

The trend for short, curly hair right now focuses on soft, volume curls in the Korean style. Curls in addition to helping to conceal the cheeks make them look smaller. It is also very suitable for girls with round faces who have problems with thin or flat hair. Because of the soft curls It will help your hair look thicker and softer. Report by

short hair parted to the side

Short hair with a side parting that is above shoulder length. Looks beautiful when curling the ends or curling your hair to look softly wavy. As for the deep side parting It will help your face look more dimensional. The more you cut it with the bangs , the more it will make your face look noticeably smaller.

Short hair cut ‘Boy Bob’

If anyone intends to cut it short, they must make it as short as possible. Introducing short hair in the ‘Boy Bob’ style or the Japanese style short cut hairstyle.  It is a style that, in addition to helping reduce the width of the face, It’s also a style that meets the needs of people looking for a hairstyle that makes the face look young.

Short hair with layers

Short, layered hairstyles such as ‘Wind Cut’ or ‘Egg Cut’ are slightly above shoulder level. If anyone wants a cool look I want you to try cutting it short at earlobe level. For girls with round faces, it is recommended to pair it with bangs in front of the face or with sliced ​​bangs, it will make the face look small, cute, and adorable.

Shoulder length short bob

This style is very suitable for girls with round faces because the shoulder length can be styled in many ways. Whether it’s curling or curling the ends, which is a technique that helps make the face slender and beautiful. Or you can cut it short to slightly above shoulder level like a ‘Balloon Cut’ style and cut it so that the ends of the hair are full and beautiful. Helps your face look slender and instantly look like a V-shape.