How to treat blemishes, freckles, and skin problems sunlight

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How to treat blemishes, freckles, and skin problems from sunlight and UV

One of the most common skin problems, especially in adults and older, is blemishes and freckles because our skin has expose to sunlight and pollution for a long time. Even though the problem of blemishes Freckles are not harmful in any way, but they create insecurity for many people to the point where they have to find a way to treat freckles. Make your freckles disappear quickly. 

In this article, we will take you to get to know what blemishes and freckles are, what are their causes. Can blemishes and freckles be cured to disappear from our skin? So how should we take care of our skin to reduce the chance of annoying blemishes and freckles?

What are freckles?

Freckles are skin problems that appear as spots or patches on the skin. They are darker than the surrounding skin. They can occur on the face or on the body. There are many different forms of freckles and freckles. And there are many causes that cause freckles, but most often come from UV rays that come with sunlight, bright lights, phone screens, etc.

Freckles are a mechanism by which the body produces too much melanin to prevent the invasion of UV rays that may cause genetic changes in skin cells or skin cancer. Does not cause physical pain and does not harm the body But it may have an effect on the mind. This causes many people to lose confidence, especially the appearance of blemishes on the face. or face has freckles

How are blemishes and freckles different?

I believe that many people already know that there are differences between blemishes and freckles. But you may still not clearly understand the difference between blemishes and freckles. And when dark spots appear on the face, are they blemishes or freckles? In this topic, we will compare the differences between blemishes and freckles. Allowing you to easily differentiate between blemishes and freckles by yourself.

Blemishes or melasma  are dark spots caused by melanin pigments gathering abnormally under the skin. It usually has the appearance of patches, both small and large. Various shapes And there are many levels of color intensity. And often appears on the face, especially the cheekbones, forehead, and chin.

What are the causes of blemishes and freckles?

Blemishes and freckles are caused by many reasons. And there are different reasons. In this topic, I would like to share what causes blemishes and freckles to occur as follows:

What causes blemishes? 

The most important cause of blemishes is UV rays. UV rays can be found from sunlight, light from light bulbs, and light from computer screens. Light from the smartphone screen Heat from fire, etc. 

Freckles are also more likely to occur ยูฟ่าเบท if there are other factors that make the skin thin and more easily affected by UV rays. For example, birth control pills, genetics, cosmetics, the use of certain medicines and radiotherapy procedures. Laser procedures, skin peels, and hormonal changes such as during menopause, where estrogen decreases. Melanin works harder when exposed to sunlight. It will easily cause blemishes. 

What is the cause?

Freckles are caused by abnormal functioning of the melanin pigment. This causes an increase in the number, causing the area where the melanin pigment is concentrated to be darker than normal. There are many causes of freckles, such as genetics. They are more common in people with fair skin  (Europeans) than in people with other skin colors. aging Caused by abnormal division of skin cells or UV rays from sunlight The causes that cause freckles affect the appearance of freckles in different ways.