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Conjunctivitis is caused by inflammation of the conjunctiva. As a result of infection with a virus in the adenovirus group to be contagious directly through touching the patient’s tears to the finger and touch our eyes. No eye contact way of eating together or even by air. The symptoms of conjunctivitis will show up within 1 – 2 days. And the duration of transmission to others is about 14 days. It is easily contagious in both children and adults. But it is more common in young children and elementary school age children. Conjunctivitis is a mild disease. But if left for a long time. It has not been treated since the beginning of the illness. It may be a complication of infection that can cause visual disabilities.

Red eyes due to dry eyes

When your eyes are dry, they can cause irritation and inflammation. and inflammation itself red eye In most cases, when we are older, about 50 years or more, we will have dry eye symptoms. which is normal But if still in childhood or youth then have such symptoms It may be because of staring at the computer screen too much. while we look at that computer monitor We don’t usually blink. And that causes dry eyes UFABET

In addition, there are other symptoms such as eye irritation, burning pain, itchy eyes, the solution is to use artificial tears to drop the eyes. to moisturize and reduce inflammation That causes red eyes. In addition, when looking at a computer screen Then blink more often using the 20-20-20 rule, that is, every 20 minutes at the computer screen. turn to look elsewhere That is about 20 feet away from us for 20 seconds, but if you try the recommended method. Red eye symptoms have not improved. should consult a doctor 

Red eyes due to an allergic reaction.

Some people have allergies. Occurs according to the season where the weather and environment change. For example, pollen allergies, grass allergies, these symptoms can cause swollen, red, inflamed eyes. we tend to itchy eyes causing you to rub your eyes which made it even more inflamed and even more red

In addition to itching and annoyed the eyes There may be tears as well. The solution is to use something cold, close your eyes for about 15 minutes, do it several times a day, or you may consult a doctor. to find ways to control allergic reactions to treat the root cause 

Red eyes due to certain medications.

Antihistamines or antihistamines (antihistamine) is not a single drug. that cause dry eye symptoms There are many other medications that have these side effects, such as sleeping pills, antidepressants, and even painkillers such as ibuprofen. These medications cause dry and red eyes because they reduce blood flow to the tissue around the eyes. The solution is to instill artificial tears. and may consult a doctor to reduce side effects by adjusting certain medications