Drinking beer after exercise. May be life threatening!

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   For drinkers who like to drink beer aficionados. If you turn to serious exercise and still have no idea whether to continue drinking or to stop drinking first. We would like you to consider the information we are about to present first. Drinking beer after exercise. Or drinking alcohol after exercise is actually good for health or hidden dangers to life? Drinking beer after exercise Is it really life threatening?!

          Although exercise helps us to be healthy. But if we neglect to pay attention to food, it can be life-threatening as well. As we have heard the news about people who drink beer. Drinking and then dying, even though he had justfinished exercising , that’s because Exercising causes us to lose water and electrolytes as we sweat. which this condition is not dangerous If we drink water and add mineral salts to replace the lost parts of the body UFABET 


If choosing to drink beer or liquor, which is a diuretic drink after finishing a new workout, instead of our body being refreshed received water to fill The body will fall into a state of dehydration together. Especially if the place where we exercise or where we are at that time is hot and stuffy. It will even encourage the body to lose sweat. This puts you at risk of shock or sudden cardiac arrest because of dehydration.

        Therefore, I would like to remind all exercisers here that Drinking beer or alcohol after exercise It is something that should not be done. Especially drinking alcohol after finishing a new workout, which is when the body needs water to fill the various organs to function systematically. Helps us escape dangerously dehydrated.

          In addition, drinking alcohol also carries the risk of losing muscle mass. According to research published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, it shows that all kinds of alcoholic beverages As a result, protein production in the body is reduced by about 37%, even after 5 hours of drinking alcohol after exercising.