Tips for “cooling down” during the average temperature of almost 40 degrees.

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Hot weather that almost fry the fever in our house right now. Causing many people to almost not want to step outside the cooling down room. But people have to travel everywhere, go out to work, run errands, or maybe have to work outdoors for hours. even sitting still The house is still so hot that sweat can seep into the back. How can we survive body from this hot weather? Let’s see cooling down.

     Carry drinking water with you

During this time, your bag may need a little bigger. Because it has to hold many items to reduce heat. But none is as bad as this one: drinking water. A body that has lost a lot of sweat is easily dehydrated. Both tiredness, heat, and thirst made many patients faint and unconscious. And also at risk of dehydration especially those who have to stay outdoors for a long time. So leave space in your bag for a travel-sized bottle of water as well. (Other drinks are fine, but water is recommended.)

     Cool towel + hand held fan

Whenever you are out of the house having to do activities outside the building for a long time, having a cold towel or wet tissue. Wipe over the face and neck before turning on the hand-held fan on the face. That’s it, it’s cool for several minutes UFABET

     Facial spray or mist

In addition to cold towels, if there is a spray or mist (mist), it can be sprayed on the face during the day. can buy spray or facial mist injected at cosmetic stores or general cosmetic zone supermarket. If a woman wears makeup. There is a spray that helps control oiliness. and make lasting cosmetics to choose from As for you guys, don’t worry if you can use it. Because there is a mineral water spray that does not require makeup to use. Or you can choose a cold spray to spray deodorant as well.