What is online keno?

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What is online keno?

Online Keno is a gambling game. Where bets are place on numbers. The results are drawn with that number. Playing is similar to the lottery itself. But different that lottery is issue twice a month. But online keno gambling It will issue a prize in every 5 minutes round. It looks similar to the game of Bingo as well. Online Keno has been develop from the Chinese game of white pigeon that in the past. The Chinese government needed to raise funds to do it. In the part of playing keno according to this format ทางเข้า UFABET

War or the creation of sculptures and that is the beginning of the game of Keno. which at that time he learned that the white dove itself And the form of betting is similar to the lottery or the Thai government lottery. But in this game, we can choose to bet up to 15 numbers, so there is a chance to win more prizes in that bet as well and for the form of betting that has more people interested. because you can set the format by yourself

Online Keno Payout Rates

  • Classic style by selecting a large number of 15 numbers out of a total of 80 numbers, but if the match is 5 numbers you will win 2 times your stake. But if you guess 10 numbers correctly, it will pay 150 times. And finally, if you guess 15 numbers correctly, you will receive a prize of 10,000.
  • High or low total, high score is 811 – 11410 points. If guess correctly. Pay 1.95 times and get bonus, if total is 810, only 108 will be paid.
  • The bottom form. Predicting the total like this, it will have the following requirements. The top row is the numbers 1-40, the bottom row is the numbers 41-80. If you guess correctly. You will be paid 2.30 times, and if you are tie. You will pay 4.30 times.
  • Even Odd type: When you predict correctly that the result will be an even number or an odd number, the payout rate will be 2.30 times, or the draw will be 4.30 times.
  • A 5-element bet with predictions on which element the score will be. in which each element has a number representation as follows
  • A 5-element bet with predictions on which element the score will be. Each element is represent by a number as follows:
  • A 5-element bet with predictions on which element the score will be. Each element is represent by a number as follows:
  • Wood element is worth 696 – 763, payout rate is 4.60 times.
  • Water element is worth 764 – 588, payout rate is 2.40 times.
  • Fire elemental value 856 – 923, pay rate 4.60 times.
  • Earth element values ​​924 – 1410, payout rate 9.20 times.

difference of play online keno game Different lottery betting

  • The differences between keno and comparative head games are as follows.
  • Keno game. Choose as many numbers as the lottery website provides. But the lottery can play every number that you don’t want to play.
  • Underground lottery that only bet on1st and 16th of that month. But Keno can be play every 5 minutes.
  • Keno game is issue by the owner of the website. But the government underground lottery will be the only operator.
  • Keno games and underground lottery have different forms of accepting bets. The underground lottery has top and bottom, but Keno doesn’t.
  • Similarities of Lottery and Keno
  • Both of these are bets on the same numbers.
  • Of these have to wait for the dealer to issue the prize only, can’t know the result immediately.
  • Both of these can play and earn real money as well. but if you stab
  • These two things developed from the Chinese couple. Lottery comes from the Chinese word huai, keno comes from the Chinese white pigeon scalar.