Gotze regrets not choosing to join Liverpool when Klopp offered him the chance

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Gotze regrets not choosing to join Liverpool when Klopp offered him the chance

Mario Gotze, former German star striker Frankly admits that he regrets that he once turned down an invitation from Jurgen Klopp to work together again in the Liverpool team.

“Everyone knows how close I am to Klopp and today we are still discussing his invitation to join us again at Liverpool, but unfortunately there were other factors. There are so many things involve that it is impossible to make a one-sided decision,” Chao Kaembong told the UFABET.

“Ask if you’re sad or unhappy? At that time, it was more of a matter of difficulty in making decisions about the future for yourself. But when time has passed until now I admit I’m sorry In fact. I should have been more firm and opted to sign for Liverpool to finish it off.”

“Klopp is the man who has made the biggest contribution to my career as a footballer. Therefore, I will always remember this grace. He is a coach who is very kind to the players, but if anyone performs below the standard. It’s stumped until we can’t sleep for sure. But it helps us keep pushing for good form as well.”

“I can clearly see that everything Klopp did to us during Dortmund. He will definitely use in the management of Liverpool and the Reds are being trained. In the same way without a doubt.”

“He is not the only person who is admired by footballers. But the staff at the other departments at the club. The people around town we meet on the streets are all in love with him. But also the most formidable, worthy of being the leader.”