Guaita brushed the pole for Crystal Palace himself.

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Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson reveals that. Spanish goalkeeper Vicente Guaita refused to play for the club during pre-season by wanting to move out of the football team.

The Spaniard lost his place to Sam Johnston towards the end of last season. After Hodgson was appointed in place of Patrick Vieira.

Guaita, who joined on a free transfer from Getafe in 2018 has been first-choice throughout his time at Selhurst Park. And has made more than 150 appearances for Crystal Palace.

However, the 36-year-old goalkeeper entered the final year of his contract. And would like to return to Getafe after not joining the pre-season tour of the United States.

“He (Sam Johnston) is the only option right now because Guaita doesn’t like the club. And said he wanted to leave. He refused to play with us.” Hodgson said UFABET

“In this state he has a contract for another year. It’s up to the club to decide, not him. He made it very clear to everyone that he didn’t want to stay here and compete with Sam Johnston. So we have Sam Johnston as No. 1 and Remy Matthews as No. 2″

“When you sign for a club you give what is needed for that team. The original thing that was needed was playing football. When you no longer want to play football for that team. It caused a lot of controversy.”

“I’m not forcing Guaita to play, but I’m not sure if the club will accept his refusal to play and let him go.”