Gundogan warns Manchester City friends to be careful of Liverpool

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Gundogan warns Manchester City friends to careful of Liverpool. Being punish at home.

Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan has warn his fellow Blues against negligence and small mistakes or they could be punish by Liverpool until they lost the game. Big match this Sunday night.

“Liverpool is without a doubt one of the strongest football clubs in the world at this time. Of course, in that group we have to include our Manchester City as well,” the German star told UFABET.

“Over the past several years they have been really successful. From winning the championship to the form of playing on the field which is almost impossible to find anyone who is as good as this ever again.”

“I dare say that Sunday night’s big match will be a very difficult 90 minutes for Man City for sure because both clubs are of very high quality at the same level. But our goal is to crush them in front of the fans at the Etihad Stadium.”

“The important thing is I want to warn my friends not to make any mistakes. Keep all the details. Because if we just accidentally in the blink of an eye. We might get hit by Liverpool’s counter-attack game until it’s defeated. That’s where we need to be extra careful.”