Kagawa revealed that he regretted joining Sir Alex Ferguson

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Kagawa revealed that he regretted joining Sir Alex Ferguson for only one year.

Japan midfielder Shinji Kagawa has spoken of his time at Manchester United. Where he admits he regrets having only work with Sir Alex Ferguson for a year.

The 33-year-old midfielder is currently playing for the club. Saint-Tuidon in the Belgian League Had a prosperous time.  He join Manchester United in 2012. He stay with the team for only two seasons.

“For me it has been a privilege to work with Sir Alex Ferguson for a year. it is very honor I want to work with him longer. But everything is predetermine like. And it was a beautiful moment. He really wants to work with me. And that’s something I will never forget.”

“At the time I didn’t think much of it as I was working with a legendary manager. I am very aware of it now. If I’m honest with myself. My first year at Manchester United wasn’t bad. We won the Premier League. But it came from excellence of Robin van Persie. Who scored 26 goals that season. As for me, I don’t have as much confidence as I did at Dortmund.”

“Adjusting to England it’s not easy It has something to learn. Doubt and change the language, the system of play, the coach and the environment. after one season Ferguson left the team And I didn’t expect it to happen. He was the one who brought me to Manchester. I think should to work with him for least year.

David Moyes later the squad. And in January 2014, seven months after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. The name of new midfielder Juan Mata arrived. And that ended the season. Kagawa decided to leave the team by moving back to play with Borussia Dortmund again.