Klopp: “If Pep doesn’t become the manager of the opposition team

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Klopp: “If Pep doesn’t become the manager of the opposition team I would have won more titles.”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has admitted that without Pep Guardiola. He might have won more trophies during his time at Dortmund. and present

“To be honest, if I hadn’t been such an outspoken person. I would have been a little depressed because I had to fight Pep Guardiola directly for 10 years. “Year” Klopp open up the issue with UFABET

“Every time I’m going to build something big, Pep comes in to lead an opponent and has continued success ahead of me. So I had some secret thoughts that if Bayern hadn’t hired him My Dortmund will probably have won many more titles.”

“Currently, the situation is almost the same as when we fought in the Bundesliga, assuming that if Man City had not brought Pep in, Liverpool would have been more champions.”

“When you say it like that, it’s embarrassing. But luckily I’m not that kind of person. On the contrary, thank God for bringing everything to this point. I am happy with my situation and Liverpool in every respect. I respect Pep from the bottom of my heart,

He is the best manager in the world and a Man City player deserves every success he has achieved.“

To beat Manchester City to the Etihad is really difficult, but let’s not forget they are human. They are normal people as well. So there may be some events that allow them to achieve the desired result. But before reaching that point We have to be the ones who are always prepared as well.”