Leroy Sane talks about Bayern’s No.9

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Leroy Sane believes Bayern Munich still have a chance of success even if Bayern are without a true No.9. Bayern Munich attacker Leroy Sane believes the Bayern Munich team still have a chance to succeed even without signing a new football striker. But admitted that having a true No. 9 striker would make the Bavarian team not at a disadvantage against their opponents in the race for the championship. According to reports from Build on Tuesday. 

‘Before joining FC Bayern, I heard a lot about Thomas (Tuchel) from Toni Rudiger and Ilkay Gundogan, both of whom raved a lot about him. So I was curious how it would be for us. Now I know what it means,’ Sane told Bild’s Toby Altschaffel ufabet .

‘Thomas is incredibly meticulous about his work. and leave as little opportunity as possible He came at a difficult time when things were turbulent around us. I’m sure we’re on the right track with him. And he is the right coach for FC Bayern’.

‘I speak to him a lot. He made me feel very good and I felt very trusted. I know I could have scored more goals last season. There’s no doubt.’

Scoring more goals in the coming season will be a big help for the Bavarian team’s attacking line. It is said that they are trying to sign a new striker, especially Tottenham Hotspur’s England striker Harry Kane. will win the championship without a world-class striker

‘There are many teams in Europe that are very successful without a real No9, so I won’t draw conclusions either. i will say this At least it’s not a disadvantage if you have a real No 9 as an option up front,’ said Sane.