Wilshere insists Declan Rice is a better defensive midfielder than Fabinho

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Wilshere insists Declan Rice is a better defensive midfielder than Fabinho

Jack Wilshere, former Arsenal footballer West Ham United captain Declan Rice is the best defensive midfielder in the world, surpassing Liverpool ‘s Fabinho .

“Noo Jack” who recently signed a football contract with the club Aarhus in the Danish League. Give an interview to praise Rice, 23, as himself a disciple of the Hammer since childhood that no one can really be as good as it today

“Can someone please tell me which defensive midfield player in the modern era is better than Declan Rice? Because as far as I’ve seen all season, no one has performed better than him,” Wilshere said on Twitter.

“No other defensive midfielder can play as much as Rice’s level. Speaking of Sergio Busquets. We have to go back three or four times. When he was still at his peak. And let’s not forget that Busquets plays with an international team like Barcelona. ​​Where his teammates are good at every position.”

“Given his playing for West Ham, his job as a defensive midfielder is a lot tougher than any other big club player, so there’s no doubt that Rice can be a pillar to any club in the world. comfortable So I hope he chooses to join Arsenal.”

After a while, a football fan asked back via the bird of blue app. “Didn’t you see that Fabinho was a superstar and stood out from the crowd for three or four years?” prompted Wilshere to immediately respond.

“Good, but not at the level that Rice is doing for sure because Rice can do everything Fabinho comfortably does and can do a lot more than that,” Jack told UFABET